On Molly

ME: I joined a gym.

NICK: What are you trying to look like that girl, Molly?

ME: Who’s Molly?

NICK: You know the one in New York.

ME: I don’t know who you’re talking about. New York? Molly? Is she a friend of mine?

NICK: You know who I’m talking about! The one on TV. She’s a dancer.

ME: Molly Shannon? Molly…

NICK: No! The dancer. She dances naked. She’s got a really good body.

ME: I seriously have no idea who you’re talking about…

NICK: Yes you do!

ME: No I don’t! You mean Lady Gaga? (I don’t know why I said Lady Gaga, but…)

NICK: No, not Lady Gaga. MOLLY!! She does the provocative dancing and gyrating. Gyrating all over the place. With the big finger.

ME: A dancer with a big finger?

NICK: SHE doesn’t have a big finger, she gyrated with the big finger.

ME: Oh you mean MILEY…Miley Cyrus?

NICK: That’s what I said…MOLLY!

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