On Fox News & Outnumbered


This morning I’m talking to my (almost) 93-year-old dad. He is explaining the Hillary Clinton phone story to me. I’m noticing that the story is sounding kind of slanted. So I say to my die-hard Democrat, blue-collar dad…

ME: You seem to be leaning a little ‘right’ there there, Father. Where did you get that information?

NICK: They were talking about it on Fox News this afternoon.

ME: FOX NEWS?!? Why are you watching Fox News?!?

NICK: I like that show, ‘Outnumbered’ with all the girls on it. There are some good gams on that show. They always wear short skirts. That’s why I watch it.

MORAL OF THE STORY: A man will always be a man, no matter how old they are. And if you want to teach an old dog, new tricks, show him your gams.

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