On How “We” Say It

ME: Is John Kasich Serbian?

NICK: It sure as hell sounds like he is. Kah-sich. That’s how we say it, Kah-sich.

ME: Then why does he pronounce it Case-ik?

NICK: Who the hell knows, but it’s not right. He’s not saying it right.

It’s like that golfer, Matt Kuchar. He pronounces his name Koo-cher. Now I know Kuchar because there was a big Bulgarian grocery store owner in my early days named Kuchar. Pronounced Kooch-are. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Kooch-are, not Koo-cher. I got so damned mad when I heard the announcers calling him Koo-cher, I wanted to call the PGA. Get the PGA on the phone and say hey, cut it out, this is NOT his name.

ME: But it’s probably how he pronounces it himself.

NICK: I don’t give a damn how he pronounces it, it’s not right.

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