On P.I.T.A.

NICK: So Elvira invited me up to her apartment.

ME: She did?!? Well…!

NICK: Yeah, she said her TV wasn’t working.

ME: Likely story.

NICK: So the first thing I try is the batteries on the remote. Sure enough, that was the problem! I went down to my room, got two AAs and – there you have it – TV fixed.

ME: You still got it! You’re still the best handyman ever!

NICK: I get up this morning and there’s an envelope under the door. With a card and $5 in it.

ME: 🙂

NICK: So I’m makin’ a little money on the side now! I’m gonna put a sign on my door – FOR HIRE. NO PITAs PLEASE!

ME: What is a Pita?

NICK: Pain. In. The. Ass. That’s my phrase. Everyone around here knows that I made that up.

ME: You’re famous for coming up with PITA?

NICK: Yep. People say, “Look at that PITA over there!” And then they say, “Nick invented that!”


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